Mobile Payments
More convenience, security and control.

That's what we see as the future of payments. We have been pioneering the future of payments in the UK, South Africa and now the US - focused on helping our customers pay with "tap and go" cards, contactless stickers and mobile phones. We have millions of customers in the UK with contactless cards. Soon, in the UK and US, you'll see mobile payments that make it easier and secure for customers to pay with their smart phone devices.
Mobile Payments
Make a payment with your mobile phone - without taking a card out of your wallet. Tap and go wherever you see a contactless terminal and spend less time in line.
You'll get the same fraud protection from your mobile and contactless payments as you do with any other card, PIN or paper transaction.*
Manage reward points, compare prices and research products as you shop. Get real-time access to info related to your transactions.
Enjoy services that empower you to manage your account on your mobile, apps that enable you to leverage social networks to share purchases, reviews, recommendations and experiences.
The best news of all is that mobile payments will allow you to take advantage of special coupons, offers and reward redemption right from your phone, as well as one click servicing with live agents.

While the future of payments is still being developed, one thing is certain, you the customer will be more in control and able to move effortlessly through shopping as we know it today.
*Just like Chip & PIN payments, you'll enjoy the same fraud protection on contactless payments. So if your card or phone is misused by someone without your permission, you won't be liable for losses. To be extra careful, we'll occasionally ask you to enter your PIN to complete a payment.
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